LCD "Alta Grad", Boryspil

Project start: December 2007
Project status:


The project documentation has been developed

Project name: LCD "Alta Grad"
Who we are in this project:


The general designer.


Author's supervision.

Address: Boryspil, st. Dzerzhinsky, 14
Customer: OOO Systemabud

The residential complex is located 200 meters from the main street of Boryspil - Kievsky Shlyakh, near the central city park, 15-20 min drive from the metro station "Borispolskaya".

The project provides for the construction of eight 16-storey residential sections with a trade and office center. Apartments with improved plaster walls, floor screed, waterproofing in bathrooms and in the kitchen, with installed metal-plastic windows, hot and cold water meters, electricity.

The infrastructure of the complex includes a supermarket and a gallery of shops, a pharmacy, a family medicine clinic, a bank branch, a beauty salon and a spa, a restaurant and a cafe, a fitness club, a dry cleaning, children's and sports grounds, tennis courts.

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